Welcome to PEAK Strength & Nutrition, Newcastle's first Lifestyle Recomposition Specialists for people working in the corporate or ofiice environment. If you’re visiting for the first time, chances are you’re ready to really, seriously, finally get in shape in both body and mind. Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve crafted and designed a unique training experience to help people start their recomposition journey system to really, seriously, and finally get them to make fitness a part of your life - not just an occasional pit stop

I want to make coming to the gym and improving yourself one of the best parts of your day. And I believe that in order to do that we need to identify your true unique goals and craft a specifically tailored game plan just for you that allows you train in our Premier Small Group Classes

I also understand that beginning a new journey can be very daunting - which is why I enroll every new PEAK Family member in the Elements Program - a course developed for those new to training. Technique, safety, and fun are the focus. And you’re surrounded by other like-minded people just like you, beginning their journey too

My mission is to give people in the Corporate space the knowledge and strength to change their lives, living and breathing a relentless pursuit of excellence. By taking the experiences I previously learned as a Mechanical Engineer, I am able to provide the tools and habits necessary to optimise your health, work efficiency and mindset so that you can achieve your full potential

 I am driven by this passion and dedication to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for our PEAK Family - as a coach, and in the education and mentorship I bring to the table


Let me explain using a term used in the fitness industry called body recomposition, which simply, is the process of losing body fat while gaining muscle mass. What I realised is that through my own body recomposition, that in fact I had changed my life around; removing my negative mindset and improving upon the positives through weight training

Through the vehicle of training initially, PEAK Strength & Nutrition helps change people's lives by firstly changing their bodies, before opening up their minds to the full potential available to them



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