Matt Jones

Matt is a 31yr old Father of two adorable kids, Audrey and Luca, who is an Ironworker by day - and absolute beast by night. Like many young fathers, Matt has a jam packed schedule and has little time to deviate  from his set in stone plans

He also has a terrible history of back pain. He has injured it 3 times in the past five years - with the latest one flooring him for 5 hours

Before joining PEAK, Matt knew he needed to change. He had used the same excuses for far too long - and let them turn him into something he was not proud of. It all changed when we could no longer carry his kids and his weekends were spent nursing his back

When we first met Matt, you could tell his inner fire had been extinguished. But, you could also see that he had that sparkle in him that just needed to be re-lit. He made it clear that he wanted to work hard, but also was here to have a little fun too. We knew that would not be a problem here at PEAK!

The first week of Matt’s Elements class ended, and you could see his confidence come back. He thought our training style might be ‘too hardcore’ - but he quickly realised this was far from the truth

Fast forward five quick weeks and many small-group classes later, Matt is a new man. He has been born anew. He is down 15 kilos and can see himself as the strong man and father he has always been

PEAK has definitely given me more willpower over my eating habits and more confidence moving heavier weight without any triggers to my back. As of today I’m down 15.2kg since last doctor’s visit, with noticeable changes everywhere (legs especially). I am able to work through better range when squatting with bad knees, have noticeably less pain in my back, am standing with better posture, and have  increased confidence in my movements. I am no longer spending weekends nursing injury. I never walk out knowing I haven’t worked hard. Marco is always looking at pushing me in different ways to keep it exciting. He is an absolute legend to work with, and he knows exactly what I need. I always want to turn up to train, I’m always motivated to get in and get results, I get a great laugh and I’m getting the results I need to set a better foundation for my future
— Matt Jones

Tania Bunk

Tania is a 47yr old mother of two incredible boys - who works in Learning, Development, and Graphic Design by day - and kicks butt at night! She recently just relocated to Newcastle from Canberra, and after 3 months off training due to settling in and back pain, she was ready to get back into it…

Prior to joining PEAK, Tania had been going to a  Crossfit box in Canberra, and experiencing back pain. Form had never driven in as a major focus for her - and her back pain had been worsening. This time off training and the big relocation was increasing her stress levels

When we first met Tania, you could immediately tell she was here for business. She was like a little Jack Russel - chomping at the bit to tackle anything we threw her way. She made it clear to us that she valued hard work - but you could tell from her cheeky grin that she also loved a laugh. Perfect for our PEAK culture!

The first week of Tania’s Elements Class ended, and you could tell from the smile on her face that she was back. She had expressed concerns about poor form from her time doing Crossfit in Canberra, however after this first ‘introductory’ week - we had fixed and tweaked all of her form issues. The best news was… no back pain

Fast forward two months and Tania is a woman reborn. She has rediscovered her physical and mental strength, and is absolutely loving the change in her body shape. She is stoked that she is already back to her health levels of before, and is even more excited to push forward in the future

I recently moved up here from Canberra and hadn’t found a trainer. 3 months off from my fitness training was not a good idea but I am getting results back so quickly with PEAK. I have always been worried about bad form, but Marco & Nick concentrate on it heaps. Bad form hurts my back, but I have not experienced any since starting. The guys at PEAK are so motivational and fun. I feel incredibly strong. Weight isn’t a concern for me but I like to be toned, and I am very toned right now! Also, the benefits to my mental health have been great. The boys are fun yet serious when needed. They know their stuff and get results. LOVE PEAK!
— Tania Bunk

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Marco 4 months ago and the results I’ve achieved to date speak for themselves. During this time I have significantly improved my overall fitness and in particular my strength and stamina.
Marco’s depth of knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism has taught me many valuable skills to ensure I maintain the correct technique for strength training.
He holds me accountable to my goals, keeps me motivated and I feel challenged with each session and always looking forward to the next.
Marco’s expertise and support has challenged my old way of thinking and has made me feel positive about fitness and training.
It’s always a pleasure training with Marco, I can’t recommend him enough, he is both genuinely inspirational and humble and I’m looking forward to continuing my training sessions under his guidance.
Thanks for all your support so far and your success is well deserved. I’d strongly recommend Marco in a heartbeat if you’re looking to achieve the results you want.
— Karen Billington


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