This is where you come to be a part of the awesome PEAK Strength & Nutrition community - PEAK Strength Society, the community of hard working clients who train to get more confident, manage their stress, look better, feel better and level up their awesomeness.

There aren't too many people who we've met who doesn't want to look and feel better. We would love to look and feel better as well. The problem is, many of the programs and diets people "100% Guarantee" actually make you worse. That's because there's a belief that if you're not giving 100% in every training session, every day of the week, you'll never get results. Or that if you can't stick to an overly hard diet plan, it's because you're not committed.

We have a slightly different view on this. We believe that your success in your health (and career, relationships and finances) is all about habits. Forming strong, consistent habits that will stick with you no matter how old you are or where you're living. We believe your habits are your building blocks.

But habits take time and patience, and aren't sexy to talk about. But we talk about them, because they work!

Have you ever been on a diet for a while and had some pretty good results, only to go off the diet, lose those results and then feel like a failure?

Or have you followed a program for a while, those standard cookie cutter programs, that don't take into account your fitness level, or your goals, or anything about you at all really?

And have you (like us) always wanted to just have a bit more discipline with and control of our health?

Well PEAK Strength & Nutrition is the answer. 


This Isn't a Standard Program

Well it's standard in the fact that it will contain proven methods to help you get results. Through one on one or group training, a program is delivered that will help you get stronger, leaner, and fitter. This will lead to a feeling of confidence, being able to manage your stress, and of course, get you looking even better.

No this program will not get you following the latest fad diet, and it won't get you doing some obscure exercise that not only looks weird, but produces zero results for your goals (or anyone's for that matter).

Groups: Groups are limited to 8 people per coach, to ensure that each person gets the attention required to help with form and technique, and to build a good relationship between coach and client.

The training is a mix of strength training, hypertrophy (think muscle size/tone), and conditioning (fitness) to help clients look and feel better, without focusing too heavily on one specific goal.

One on One: This is for people who have a specific goal in mind, or prefer the one on one environment to learn, grow and build trust with their coach. This is generally 1 to 4 sessions per week.

Online: This is for people who can’t train face to face with us each day. But with a customised training program delivered to you through the awesome MyPTHub app for both Android and iOs, you can achieve the same results as our face to face clients, and be part of the family. Yep, you read that right....your own program will be delivered to your phone. Ain't technology awesome....

We have help...from the best

The nutrition coaching provided at PEAK Strength & Nutrition is based on 15 years of Precision Nutrition coaching experience, and is all about helping you form new awesome eating habits. (Seriously check out their website; its sexy and informative!). Plus, Head Coach, Marco Augusto is a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Certified coach. So we know its good because it's been learned and experienced. Check out what people have said about the Precision Nutrition Procoach system, which you'll follow if you are a great fit for the program!


We're with you in this

And finally you get access to us. You can contact us whenever you want to ask us questions, not only about your training and nutrition, but about your life as well, because that's what we do for our clients here! In fact, achieving your goals is as much mindset as it is the sets and reps in the gym or the kitchen. And we've got your back with the mindset as well!

But enough of the marketing language, how about we show you how to apply to find out more...

Down below is the form to fill out to apply for the coaching. It will take 2 minutes to fill out, and we're pretty confident it will be the best decision you've made in a very long time. We can't wait to hear from you..


To find out more information on our online coaching, fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!



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